Self-Care Meditation (Facebook Live)

In less than 30 minutes, you can transform your Problems into Challenges, and challenges into Opportunities

eBook: 5 Ways to Conquer Chaos

With 5 simple steps, this short guide will help you quickly eliminate stress and drama so that you can get back to doing what matters most in your life. 

Clarity Journal Activity - Make Your Vision Clear

A clear vision is key to manifest your dreams quickly.  

Use the activity to enhance your clarity and make your vision clear.

Sample Relaxation Induction

Allow me to be your guide in this quick and simple 5-minute relaxation exercise.  Learn how to relax and prepare yourself for hypnotherapy.  This is a great relaxation exercise for self-hypnosis and to release daily stress.  

Public Speaking Visualization - Coming Soon

Do you get anxiety when it's time to speak to a crowd? Is public speaking necessary for your work? Break the fears and limiting thoughts of public speaking with this guided imagery. 

Self-Love Meditation - Coming Soon

It's time to love on yourself.  Remember your worth and Increase your self-esteem with this special guided meditation.  

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