Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

 Here's a secret that's not really a secret... We all have the answers to the questions we seek.  

Life coaching is a self-work process of shifting your mindset from beliefs that no longer serve you to new, empowering beliefs that motivate you to take more positive action and make necessary changes to get the RESULTS you desire.   

Life coaching requires self-reflection, profound truth-telling, communication, and ACTION from the client.  The Life Coach is just that - a coach, a skillful and intuitive guide to help you confront the layers of yourself and discover your own truths.  

The Life Coach is not an enabler, "yes-man", or counselor.

Benefits of Life Coaching

you need life coaching if you...

  • Are going through a difficult transition 
  • Need clarity and feel stuck
  • Have difficulty making decisions
  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • Want to get to the root cause of what is holding you      back
  • Have unhealthy habits and lack self-discipline
  • Need help processing difficult emotions
  • Want to better understand yourself
  • Want to gain a new perspective on life experiences
  • Have unsatisfying relationships personally &      professionally

Are an Entertainer/Performer who...

  • Needs to adapt to various roles and detach from roles 
  • Needs to learn lines and directions quickly
  • Needs to overcome stage fright/anxiety
  • Needs clarity and feel stuck pre- during and      post-production
  • Needs to improve your overall performance
  • Wants to maintain a healthy attitude on set.  

Life Coaching Helps you...

*Gain Clarity and Momentum in life

*Make better decisions

*Move forward in your life

*Overcome obstacles and fears

*Relieve stress and anxieties

*Overcome limiting beliefs

*Create healthier habits

*Improve thinking

*Become more empowered

*Improve relationships and communication

*Be more intentional

Hypnotherapy Sessions Available!


Are you an entertainer or entrepreneur?

  • Are you experiencing mental blocks to your success? 
  • Are you looking to improve your performance in business, entertainment, sports, or school?
  • Want to live your life differently but can't seem to make the necessary changes?
  • Can't seem to break unhealthy habits?
  • Do you feel stuck in a certain area in your life?

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